• How to send you information of my design?

to send us anything you want to design

  1. Collect all of your requests.
  2. Convert it into “zip” file , there’s no problem if you don’t have “zip” but it’s better to have.
  3. Send us all information on this Email: info@veradesign.net
  4. If you have an example of template or some design you’re interested in, send the URL.
  5. It’s better to Send your main files (logo,brand logo) in vector type or in PDF file.
  • Can you send me Preview?

Yes we can send you preview of your design with Low Resolution and Preview Word on the whole design

  • Can I use anything or design of yours?

of course No !!
all of our designs have labeled and under our responsibility of being safe and not stolen Idea.
if you want to design something like of ours you can send us a photo or link of the design and we make a design like the general Idea but not like the design itself.

  • How can I pay for you?
        you can pay for us on two ways :
  1. Send us your email and we give you full information about Direcltey Bank payment
  2. You can send us the payment using PayPal
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