About us

Vera Design Collection

It was established in 2010 in Syria and then moved to Turkey, where it continued here and was initially specialized in the field of advertising and advertising only, but now our field has expanded to include visual advertisements, electronic marketing, printing and media.

Why are we? Because the common thread woven into the fabric of our culture here at Vera Design not only created success for us, but more importantly, it allowed our customers to take their business to new heights. One of the first selling calls we made to a group of young designers, one of us walking on the north side of the street while the other was walking on the south side, we made an important decision, which is to listen to companies that lie at the core of every community.


Since those initial talks in late 2010, we have continued to listen, as business and group evolve within the advertising environment, as well as our core capabilities and services. With great excellence and responsibility we continue to offer the most strategic opportunities with the latest technology.


We succeed in providing comprehensive and very important marketing services to our clients locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Our imprint remains in the community, providing value to local businesses through our official city publications, as well as opportunities for interactive digital display and web-based products. Our high-tech and marketing “knowledge” also allowed us to become a total resource for enterprises regardless of size, range or zip code.


In short, we succeed in helping companies grow. Maintaining the same passion and energy that laid the foundation for our humble beginnings for decades is the reason why we remain the trusted partner of many successful companies today. That is why we look to the future with enthusiasm and anticipation for the many great opportunities that lie ahead.


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